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Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Shinfield North priorities

The Shinfield North Community First Panel has decided on the following priorities:

  • Increasing community engagement
  • Improving youth activities and opportunities (including targeting skills needs)
  • Supporting older people in the community
  • Encouraging healthier lifestyles

The priorities have been drawn from the Shinfield Parish Plan, local intelligence and the needs data for the area (primarily the indices of multiple deprivation)

Increasing community engagement

The recent Shinfield Parish Plan provides some strategic priorities for the area (around transport, environment etc). The Panel felt however, that a deeper understanding of the community’s aspirations in Shinfield North was required and for this an intensive community engagement exercise will be essential. The geographical makeup of Shinfield North also makes communication across the communities, areas and boundaries difficult, and the community engagement exercise should help to overcome this problem.

Improving youth activities and opportunities

Shinfield North has a high rate of long-term NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and of young people who are resident young offenders. There is a skills shortage, with higher-than-average levels of people with no qualifications and fewer people with a qualification equivalent to NVQ Level 4/5. The panle hopes that improving youth activities will open up opportunities for young people to learn, improve their skill and engage with others.

Supporting older people

The needs data tells us there is a high level of single-person pensioner households in Shinfield North. The local residents association, which represented the needs of older people in the area, has folded. This means that one channel of communication with older residents has been lost.

Encouraging healthier lifestyles

We know that there is more incidence of limiting long-term illness and poor health in deprived areas and this is borne out in the needs data for Shinfield North. The area has the highest rate of child poverty in the borough, the highest proportion of school children eligible for free school meals, and the highest proportion of working-age adults claiming out-of-work benefits. Also as deprivation manifests itself in many ways it may affect life-style choices including healthy eating and exercise.