All council and committee meetings are open to the public and press although legislation permits their exclusion during consideration of commercially sensitive information or personnel issues.

Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held in the John Heggadon Meeting Room at:

Shinfield Parish Council,
Shinfield Parish Hall
School Green

In addition to the main Council, which all members are duty bound to attend, there are five standing committees:

  • Communications & Policies
  • Development Board
  • Finance & Staffing
  • Planning & Highways
  • Recreation & Amenities

Click here for the 2016 Schedule of all Meetings

Below is all details of meetings undertaken, including access to agenda and minutes;

  1. Full Council
  2. Communications & Policies Committee
  3. Finance & General Purpose Committee
  4. Planning & Highways Committee
  5. Recreation & Amenities Committee
  6. Staffing Committee
  7. Development Board