Mission statement and aims

Shinfield Parish Council’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the residents of the parish. To this end, we aim to:

  • Deliver high standard and cost-effective services to help meet the needs and wishes of local residents
  • Engage with residents to understand their needs and concerns
  • Support the development of the local economy
  • Keep residents informed about the proceedings of the council and about local issues
  • Represent residents’ views to the borough council and to other bodies as applicable
  • Work together with all sectors of the community to achieve residents’ needs and aspirations
  • Engage in the protection of the environment within the means of the council
  • Pursue excellence through continuous improvement

The Chairman’s aims for the council for the 2015/16 civic year (ending April 30, 2016) are:

  1. Support the delivery of the council’s policy objectives for the next 12 months in agreement with the Parish Clerk.
  2. Support the Parish Clerk in increasing the council’s profile and enhancing its public image, in particular relating to the Neighbourhood Plan and any other relevant initiatives as they roll out.
  3. Improve the operation of council business to achieve service excellence, including more robust cost-benefit analysis of the council’s contractors and suppliers;
  4.  Support the Clerk to ensure the council maintains Local Council Award status and best practice standards;
  5. Identify and deliver the most effective and efficient ways to replace street lighting across the parish.
  6. Maintain professional status through ongoing training.