Site Details Grid reference
Copse, University Farm north of A327: (no public access)  N/A SU 725 667
Fields north of Clares Green Road and Ryeish Lane Meadows and hedgerows SU 719 671
Great Lea Pond Aquatic and woodland areas SU 709 686
Hillside Woodlands Semi-ancient woodlands rich in trees, birds and insect life SU 706 663
Land west of Black Boy roundabout (no public access) Wildflower meadows, insects and deep ponds SU 731 690
Loddon Wetlands, mainly north of A327 Part newly enhanced wetland reserve SU 747 680
Nores Hill, Shinfield Park Ancient woodland and wildflowers SU 725 693
Norman’s Shaw Two blocks of semi-natural ancient woodland SU 704 653
Pearmans Copse, Shinfield North Ancient woodland, grassland, insects and wildflowers SU 735 693
Rushy Mead, Upperwood Farm  N/A SU 751 691