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The Understanding Computers Club is set up to offer tuition, in general, to inexperienced computer users in Shinfield and adjoining parishes. We will also, at our discretion, endeavour to help any computer user who needs advice on software or hardware.

We have a range of tutors available, mainly experienced in Windows PCs, Android Tablets, and iPads.

We use Caf’ Active in St Michael’s Church in Spencers Wood as our unofficial home base, but we are happy to travel to a pupil’s home if that is more convenient.

Lessons are normally one hour long.

We do ask for a small donation towards Computer Club expenses for each lesson.

Book a lesson, or lessons, by calling Kerry on 988 2250 or Ian on 988 2459 – leaving a message mentioning the Computer Club if there is no reply. A tutor will be assigned, and that tutor will call you back to arrange an appointment for a lesson.