Latest news:

Countryside Warden

The need has arisen for a volunteer Countryside Warden to work with Shinfield Volunteers.

The initial brief is to identify areas of special interest and, with the assistance of other volunteers, lead efforts to manage, promote, and publicise Shinfield’s wildlife heritage.

Eventually it is hoped to undertake detailed surveys of the local ecology, record sites of wildlife interest and monitor the progress of existing habitat management plans for local wildlife sites, but one step at a time.

If you have an active interest in local natural flora and fauna and are interested in developing this rewarding role or would like to assist please get in touch Phil on 0118 9882804.

Adopt Your Street

The arrival of Spring brings new energy and enthusiasm to be out into the fresh air. It is a good time to go into action and show pride in your street by getting a few neighbours top join you in a litter pick.

It is very easy to do. Simply specify to the Parish Clerk (0118 9888220) the area you wish to tidy up and arrangements will be made for insurance cover, picking sticks, high visibility jackets and extra rubbish sacks.

Talk to your neighbours and see what you can do for the good of the environment in which you live.

Footpath News:

Shinfield Footpath 3 near to where it leaves Cutbush Lane was partially obstructed by a fallen tree which has now been removed by Wokingham Borough Council.

Shinfield Footpath 6 runs fromCutbush Lane and exits near the Magpie and Parrot. It was noted on a Loddon Valley Ramblers walk that the top step on a stile was almost rotted away. Volunteers have now replaced both stile steps which is much appreciated by Wokingham Borough Council.

Shinfield Footpath 18 leading off Church Lane has featured in our reports before. Wokingham Borough Council has cleared foliage to allow access but the question of ownership rumbles on.

Shinfield Footpath 35 from Bloomfieldhatch Lane in Grazeley and over the railway to a Wokefield right of way has been cut on the southeast side but neglected on the northwest side. This has now been attended to by Wokingham Borough Council and access for walkers has been restored.

Unrecorded Path

A popular path that leaves Shinfield Road and exits on to Ryhill Way is not recorded as a definitive right of way and could be lost after the 2026 deadline for getting it recorded. It is likely that it was a track that went into woods or fields before the housing estate in the area was built. All the relevant information has been sent to Wokingham Borough Council with a suggestion that this path be added to the definitive footpath map and statement.