Planning and Highways

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The Planning and Highways Committee meets every four weeks at 7.30 pm, on varying days of the week.

The parish council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications considered by Wokingham Borough Council (the Local Planning Authority), which affect our parish, including some in neighbouring authorities or parishes.

The parish council itself has no powers to determine applications but, as a consultee, it is able to comment on behalf of the community on all development control planning applications and it takes an active role in local enforcement issues, assisting the district council in identifying areas where planning conditions are potentially being breached.

You can view the current list of applications to be considered at the next Planning and Highways Committee meeting of the council on the published agenda. If you wish your comments to be considered by the committee when forming their views, please make your views known to your local councillor or the council clerk, before the next meeting of the Planning and Highways Committee

You can obtain more detailed information on Planning and Development Control from the Local Planning Authority (LPA) by ringing 0118 974 6000, and asking for Development Control. The LPA will, on request, lend out a video on home extensions.