Dawn Peer

Telephone: 0118 9888220

Email: dawn.peer@shinfieldparish.gov.uk


  • Planning and Highways (Chair)
  • Development Board

Outside bodies

  • Berkshire Association of Local Councils
  • Borough Parish Liaison Forum
  • Wokingham District Association of Local Councils
  • NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group)
  • SOS Committee
  • Vice President of BALC

About Dawn

Dawn Peer has lived in Spencers Wood since 1976, and joined the Parish Council in October 2008.  Strongly believing our villages should maintain their individual characteristics with clear undeveloped, unurbanised green field areas spanning between them, she welcomes the provision of SANGS in the parish.  Dawn supports local traffic management schemes – ideally the provision of 30mph speed limits through our villages, with suitable walking, cycling and bus routes to enhance the well-being, convenience and safety of parish residents.

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