Ian Montgomery

Telephone: 0118 9888220

Email: ian.montgomery@shinfieldparish.gov.uk


  • Finance and General Purpose Committee
  • Recreation and Amenities Committee

Outside bodies

  • AWE Liaison Committee
  • Chapel Lane Preschool
  • Shinfield North Community Flat
  • Trustee to Shinfield United Charities

About Ian

Ian Montgomery has lived in Whitley Wood since 1979. He joined the council in May 2011. He was formerly employed in the NIRD, as a chemist, and later spent five years in what was then the AFRC headquarters in Swindon variously as a committee secretary and then press liaison and exhibition co-ordinator. He retired in January 2011, following a spell as a delivery driver for a plumbing merchant. His interest in being a councillor stems from his time as treasurer of the national AFRC branch of the Institute of Professional Civil Servants; he sees being a councillor as a similar but local activity having a bearing on all the community and its future. He is married with two daughters. He was formerly an athletics coach with Reading Athletic Club. His wife was a Brownie leader in Shinfield and both his daughters were Girl Guides and attended Shinfield schools.

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