The parish council has approved an increase to the parish precept of less than 20p per week, this brings the total precept to around £100 per annum for most homes. Our last increase was in 2016 and was a similar amount at that time. Despite the new homes coming on board and contributing to the overall amount we collect, it takes a year or more before the parish receives any money from these homes.

Over the last three years costs have risen, we have taken on extra services that are no longer provided by WBC and we have to increase our staffing and facilities to provide for all the additional residents before fully gaining their contributions. Hopefully you will agree that 20p per week is a small price to pay and that you will see many improvements during the coming year.

Of course we will be using our reserves and Community Infrastructure income to undertake some major projects over the coming years and you can hear details of our plans at the Annual Council meeting on 18 April at Shinfield Parish Hall at 7.30pm I look forward to meeting you there

Peter Hughes
Chair Shinfield Parish Council