Parish Council Grants/Loans to Parish Community Groups

The Parish Council has for a long time offered grants to local community groups to assist them. These grants are up to a maximum of £3000 and are funded from an annual amount set aside from our precept.

With the extensive development in the parish, we have introduced additional funding from our share of the community infrastructure levy. This new funding covers amounts from £3000 upwards and is available to support equipment purchase and/or improvement to premises and facilities to allow for the impact of the new residents in our community.  This funding will be by grant and/or loan, certain terms apply including a requirements for the applying organisation to part fund the costs from their own resources.  If you’re interested in pursuing this new facility please contact the parish clerk who will in the first place arrange a meeting with a parish councillor to fully discuss the scheme prior to any application.

Shinfield Parish Council offers a limited number of grants each year to organisations, clubs and charities which provide a service in the parish to its residents.  Grants are generally awarded at the beginning of the financial year, although late applications may be considered.

All grant applications must be made using this form.  Applicants must read the criteria and conditions carefully and supply the relevant information.  The outcome will be notified in writing and in certain circumstances the grant may only be awarded if specific conditions are met.  There is no appeal process if an application is turned down.

Our grants application process is on a rolling basis – there is no deadline. We will receive applications until the budget has been allocated.

For up to 3,000 – please complete and return this application form.

For over 3,000 – please call clerk initially on 0118 988 8220 and click here for application form