To improve the quality of life for everyone who lives, works and travels through Shinfield Parish, both now and in the future.


People working together, respecting our local history, building a vibrant community now and for the future.



Finance and General Purposes Committee

  1. More effective financial management and budgetary control in line with the council’s agreed budget, including better monitoring of budget priorities, cost centres, and risk;
  2. Improved business efficiency using “Best Value” principles, including robust cost-benefit analysis of contracts and suppliers;
  • SMARTer working through improved performance management.


Staffing Committee

  1. A responsible and caring employer
  2. Continued professional development of staff and councillors


Communications and Policies Committee

  1. Communications on Parish Council business via:
  • Website
  • New Residents pack
  • Newsletter

2. Community engagement via:

  • Councillor surgeries
  • Community events


Development Board

  1. Responsible and effective SDL development and associated infrastructure across the parish, including neighbourhood planning;
  2. Maximum s.106 and CIL receipts to deliver council vision


Planning and Highways Committee

Statutory consultee of the Local Planning and Highways Authority and associated stakeholders to enhance residents’ quality of life.

  1. Measures to improve highways safety
  2. Measures to encourage the use of, and improve the accessibility of, public transport
  • Measures to improve walking and cycling routes to local amenities and key destinations within the parish.


Recreation and Amenities Committee

  1. Improved and enhanced sport, leisure and recreational facilities in the parish, both now and in the future;
  2. Improved community facilities for residents and local groups in the parish, in particular the parish hall at School Green;
  • Healthy, safe and crime-free lifestyles for everyone.




During 2017-18 Shinfield Parish Council will strive to:

Deliver excellent services and value for money in everything we do, by:

  1. Retaining and enhancing the council’s Quality status;
  2. Upgrading the council’s accounting system to allow for continued growth;
  3. Continuing professional development for our staff and councillors

 Listen to our residents, keep them informed of local news and developments and represent their best interests at all times, by:

  1. Publishing quarterly newsletters to keep residents informed of parish news and the progress with development within the parish;
  2. Establishing regular councillor surgeries, to allow residents to raise concerns to the parish council face to face;
  3. Recruiting new councillors to fill outstanding vacancies;
  4. Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to keep residents up to date on relevant news and giving residents a platform for contacting the council;
  5. Upgrading the parish council’s website to allow greater interaction between the parish council and residents;
  6. Working with local partners to organise more community events and activities across the parish, and continue to facilitate important local events such as the Remembrance Day Service and annual Spencers Wood Carnival;
  7. Providing representation from the council at more local events, to give residents more opportunities to interact with their local councillors;
  8. Provide representation to support improvements to transport infrastructure and services.

Support our local economy by:

  1. Using local services and tradespeople wherever practical, to carry out work for the council, and particularly in relation to the development of the new Community Centre.

Protect our local environment by:

  1. Taking forward the LED street lighting replacement project across the parish;
  2. Supporting local environmental enhancement projects such as improving our footpaths and cycle routes.

 Be a caring employer by:

  1. Providing improved office facilities for our staff;
  2. Improving our office systems.