Following consultations with experts in air quality monitoring the Shinfield Parish Council installed two air quality monitors within the Shinfield Parish, one at Shinfield Junior School and one at Lambs Lane Primary. The overall purpose was to gain an idea of the air quality across the parish for our school children and residents. Recently there has been a high number of developments with further planned and we need to monitor the air quality so that the parish remains a place where people wish to live and work. The monitoring equipment allows us at the Parish Council to keep an eye on Particulate Matter readings of PM2.5 & PM10 (limit not currently set for England) so we are using the limits set in Scotland as the safe limit.

The monitors constantly record data and send a report daily for analysis. The analysis is performed by TRL (Transport Research Limited) who are recognised experts in the filed of air quality. They provide a report to the parish council on a 6-monthly basis. The initial report covering July to December 2019 is below. As you can see our air quality is very good having values 80% lower than the safe limits.

The Parish continues to monitor air quality within the Parish throughout 2020 – Air Quality stats will be analysed and posted early 2021.